Christelle Abgrall


I like to define myself as a storyteller.


I am a self-taught drawer who began her career before leaving high school, drawing and selling self-edited comic books. I graduated from Gobelins in 2005, and first decided to build up experience in animation and character design. After several years, I felt ready to do what I wanted the most : tell stories, with storyboards.

I’m passionate about animation and cinema. I have eclectic tastes and I find inspiration everywhere. I’m always wanting to learn new skills.


I have worked for 12 years in the French & Canadian animation industry, on children shows (Wakfu, Rekkit Rabbit, Lolirock, Miraculous) and adult shows (Lastman, Crisis Jung). I now long for more experiences worldwide.


I can work on location or remotely via skype and email. Contact me for more information on rates and availability.