Old, again

I can’t resist anymore : I must have gotten a posting disease!! Maybe because I’ve not been there for such a long time…
Next week-end I’ll do the Mononoke Hime fan-art that I’ve promised to do on my Facebook page. In the meantime I’m showing you this old sketch I’d been drawing directly on Photoshop…

See you on Sunday!!


Here’s the first real post!! (drums and trumpets!)

I loved this movie when I did see it in theater, and I wanted to draw something for it ever since… Now it’s done!

I know that everyone didn’t like this movie as I did. The only thing I could find regrettable, is the lack of subtlety of the message… What did you think about it?

Kill Bill

Here it is, the last one I wanted here was Kill Bill’s fan art! See you tonight 🙂

Spring Recipe

This is almost the last one of the old posts! It was a little receipe that we printed on the calendar of “Popcorn”, a fanzine we’ve been doing with a dozen of friends (maybe more).

See you this week-end for the new stuff!!


Another drawing I would like to put here is Emmanuelle Walker‘s portrait (you know, this very beautiful and talented girl, yes…)
It was part of a category “My talented friends” that I will certainly reopen very soon.

See you tomorrow! xoxoxo


This is even older (2004 I think, ohmygad), the creating of Kakumei, with my friend Noon, again. Kakumei is a character from a short that we made at school.


Don’t worry, the new stuff is arriving this week-end! In the meantime I’m working for this blog to be perfectly bilingual. I would like to add japanese as a third language, but unfortunately I’m not good enough yet!
See you tomorrow 🙂

Brioche and Charlotte

I’m going on with these characters from this abandoned comic project, “Supa Sugar Magical Girls” (project I started with Morja and Noon in … 2006 (waw we’re old!))
… Brioche and Charlotte! I’ve always loved these two girls, I had to put them here again, somewhere!

Blank page

Here I am, with a brand new blank notebook!! It’s not that I didn’t want to come back here. Storyboard is just difficult to combine with… with any other activity, in fact. But after many turns in my life, the desire to come back here is now here, stronger than ever!

I’m beginning with some “oldies” that I want to come back here with me, starting with this one which makes me wanna go take the first train..

See you soon!!