I Don’t know what to say…

Fear, panic, fail to understand. Friday night’s events left me empty. My friends were in great danger. I’ve prayed so much for them. I’m not a believer, but who cares.

In the end, they all got out of it alive. But I wouldn’t say they are fine.

…. And now what? We’ll have to find the will to go on a brand new week tomorrow. When I draw, nothing’s coming, it’s like I’m broken inside. I didn’t even manage to turn on a video game, think of something else.

I wanted to be silent for a while on the internet after all this, but… in the end, I can feel how it’s relieving, writing all this.

”We’ll need lots, lots of love”, I’ve read everywhere. I believe this is true. Not the easiest answer to violence, but the only good one.

So, friends from the earth, I’m telling you : I love you.

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