LoliRock, yet again !

LoliRock, yet again !

Here’s the final transformation, for the main princess of the show : Iris.

When I arrived on this production, director Jean-Louis Vandestoc immediately requested me to create these transformations. You can’t imagine what happened in my mind then ! I never thought that I would be able, in France, as an animation professional artist, to do what I craved to do since I was a kid ! (Yeah, I was drawing magical girl transformations on my school textbooks, flip-book style !). Anyway it was both equally fulfilling and stressful. I didn’t want to mess up, and miss this opportunity : chances that I would be asked to do that again in a future production are pretty slim. 😉

Well, looking at the first feedback about the show on Tumblr, it seems most of the audience love my transformations, which of course makes me super-happy! 😀


Once the transformations were over, I storyboarded the first episode of the show, “Flower Power”, which hasn’t air yet. It probably will be soon.

It is a “standard episode” : Not really important regarding the storyline, but useful to help me create the global staging of the show. Thanks to that, I was able to brief my team “how to stage a LoliRock episode”. Sort of. (Did I said I loved my team ? Thank you guys for all the hard work, and the pain, we shared together on this production !)

Now, what about the show itself ? Well, some episodes are pretty good, and other… not so much. Quite like on every show to be honest. I think the good episodes deserve to be seen, at the very least. 🙂 You can be sure I’ll warn you all of their first broadcast ! (If I got the info of course).

My contract will be over next week. It’s a 2-years-and-half aventure that’s finished for me. It feels kinda weird. 🙂 I really hope this show will be successful. We really put a lot of love and energy (and lifeforce) in it, the whole team !

I’ll show you my work on this show when I can (obviously I can’t until it’s been aired enough).

See you soon everyone! 😉


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