Love love love


Quick drawing of my lover and me <3


I Don’t know what to say…

Fear, panic, fail to understand. Friday night’s events left me empty. My friends were in great danger. I’ve prayed so much for them. I’m not a believer, but who cares.

In the end, they all got out of it alive. But I wouldn’t say they are fine.

…. And now what? We’ll have to find the will to go on a brand new week tomorrow. When I draw, nothing’s coming, it’s like I’m broken inside. I didn’t even manage to turn on a video game, think of something else.

I wanted to be silent for a while on the internet after all this, but… in the end, I can feel how it’s relieving, writing all this.

”We’ll need lots, lots of love”, I’ve read everywhere. I believe this is true. Not the easiest answer to violence, but the only good one.

So, friends from the earth, I’m telling you : I love you.

Eleonore Bridge and new online shop


Inktober really got me back into traditional drawing/painting. It was very hard at first (you could feel how hard on the first few ones…) . I started with ink, then I decided I shouldn’t feel limited : pencil, watercolors… Everything would be good as this month would be a real cure to me. I would do what I want to do.

Here’s a little watercolor painting I did based on a pic of the pretty blogger Eleonore Bridge. I’ve been following her for a while now 🙂

By the way, I have a new online shop, the link up there under the banner is finally working! There you will find some original drawings, postcards and some other new things will be added in the next weeks… Stay tuned on Twitter and on my Facebook page for updates.